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Add Events to the Libraries Calendar

Please fill out the following form to submit information for the Libraries Events & Exhibits Calendar, using these standards:

  • For Event title, use this naming convention, capitalizing the type of event before the title:
    • EXHIBIT: Name of your exhibit
    • WORKSHOP: Name of your workshop
    • SPECIAL EVENT: Name of your event
  • For Category – select UW Libraries, Seattle (if other options do not apply)
  • For Event types, check Special Event, Exhibit, or Workshop if you want your event to be featured on the main News Events Exhibits page of the Libraries website, in addition to any other relevant types.
  • Always include a Description and upload an Event Image
  • For Accessibility Contact (required), include the email address or phone number for the event organizer. Note: this does NOT have to be an accessibility expert, but someone who can help make the event more accessible or can get help. See more info