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Libraries in the News Archive

AYPE exhibits open June 1 at Suzzallo and Allen Libraries
University Week - May 28, 2009 | A comprehensive exhibit covering all of the AYPE, from its origins as an idea to promote Seattle through the transformation of the undeveloped campus into a fairgrounds and the legacy it left behind for the University
OUGL's 24-hour service won't be cut
UW Daily - May 28, 2009 | Despite budget cuts, University Libraries has decided that due to the high popularity of Odegaard Undergraduate Library's overnight hours, it will be keeping the service available through the 2010 fiscal year.
100 years ago, Seattle celebrated its first world's fair
Seattle Times - May 14, 2009 | A roundup of summer events marking the 100th anniversary of the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exhibit (AYPE), held on what is now the UW campus. Events at the NW Folklife Festival, Seattle Public Libraries and an exhibit of photographs by Frank Nowell, official AYPE photographer, from the UW Libraries Special Collections archives.
Libraries lost to budget cuts
UW Daily - May 13, 2009 | In mid-January, a Task Force on New Models of Service and Delivery was assigned the task of recommending which libraries could be merged. On April 24, the task force recommended in their final report that the natural science branches — which include the Fisheries-Oceanography, Physics-Astronomy and Chemistry libraries — consolidate.
One for the Books
UW Daily - May 8, 2009 | Students can request books any time online through the UW library catalogue. When the book cannot be found in Summit, the ILL (Interlibrary Loan) staff searches library catalogues across the world.
Libraries part of new UW Center for Teaching and Learning
University Week - May 4, 2009 | Requiring no new budgetary resources, the new UW Center for Teaching and Learning will launch in July 2009, combining for the first time, informal but related, teaching-oriented campus networks, while pioneering an innovative new partnership with UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs and the UW Graduate School.
Nearly 500 student employees help power UW Libraries
University Week - April 9, 2009 | UW Libraries is the largest employer of students at the University, with nearly 500 students working across all three campuses. And the Libraries make sure the students' contributions aren't overlooked.
Academic libraries foster key skills in next generation
Seattle Times - March 4, 2009 | Libraries are invaluable cornerstones of college and university life. By equipping the next generation of engineers, teachers, doctors with the training and research tools needed to compete in the global marketplace, library professionals make a vital contribution in today's challenging economic times.
Nicolette Bromberg is not one to be easily impressed by pretty pictures
Columns - December, 2008 | A collection of photographs by Frank Nowell, taken on and around the UW campus in 1909 to document the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, are featured in A White City in the West, a coffee-table volume with text by Bromberg and photos by official AYPE photographer Frank Nowell, photography lecturer John Stamets and his students, will be published by the University of Washington Press in late 2009.
Walla Walla history indexed by State Penitentiary inmates
Walla Walla Union Bulletin - August 26, 2008 | The Walla Walla Newspaper Indexing Project has received funding for another three years of work to index names, dates, events and other data from the county's earliest newspapers. Glenda Pearson, UW Libraries Head of Microforms and Newspapers said the project "is a massive undertaking, but one that is critical to the history not just of Washington, but to the entire Pacific Northwest."
Suzzallo Periodical Desk Closes Aug 23
University Week - August 7, 2008 | One more fixture of the 20th century library is going away. The Suzzallo periodicals service desk will close at the end of summer quarter. "We regularly review the traffic and transactions at our service points, and traffic at the periodicals desk has just tailed off to where it doesn't pay to keep it open anymore," said Bill Jordan, associate dean of University Libraries.
University of Washington awards honorary degrees May 18 to Japanese American students incarcerated during World War II
University Week - May 9, 2008 | more articles about UW Honorary Degrees for UW Nikkei Students from 1941-42
Libraries staffers enjoy spring (rolls) a little early
University Week - April 3, 2008 | The first day of spring was the last day of spring rolls for the UW Libraries' staff. For the past two months, libraries staffer Jung-Ho Ryu has been delivering the tasty treat to all his fellow employees -- between 800 and 900 in all. And on March 20, he came to the end with a delivery to the Libraries administration office on the fourth floor of Allen Library.
A Circle Finally Closes
Seattle Times - March 1, 2008 | The University of Washington Board of Regents rightly has approved awarding honorary baccalaureate degrees to Japanese American students incarcerated in relocation camps during World War II. Librarian Theresa Mudrock's research and online exhibit Interrupted Lives started the long process.
Photo Takes Peek at Freshman Lives
Seattle P-I - February 22, 2008 | Arielle Ross is one of eight freshmen who completed a two-credit seminar at the University of Washington last fall. The premise was simple, or so it seemed: Document your transition to college life. Be as honest as you can. Don't skip the details. Instructors say they thought they knew what they were getting into when they began the program in September. But now, they confess that the photos being temporarily exhibited at the UW's Odegaard Undergraduate Library were surprising.
Owner of used bookstore leaves $700,000 to UW Libraries
Seattle P-I - January 30, 2008 | Friends remember David Bell, former owner of the University District store Magus Books, as a private man of few words whose eyes would light up when he came across an old, rare book.
A librarian's gift: Oral history project preserves memories of South Asian immigrants
University Week - November 29, 2007 | A three-phase oral history project, chronicling the influx of South Asians to the Seattle area from post-World War II to the 1990s began with a gift from Irene Joshi, who served at the UW's first South Asia librarian from 1970 to 2000,
UW's Chamber Dance Company archives now accessible
University Week - September 27, 2007 | The archive is the product of CDC Director Hannah Wiley's anxiety. She's been helped by John Vallier, head of distributed media services at Odegaard Undergraduate Library.
A Home for the Area's Business History
Seattle-PI - August 13, 2007 | It's a fascinating slice of local business and social history. The fact that it's around to be seen at all is to the credit of UW Libraries Special Collections
Good-bye Date Stamp: Keep track of due dates online
University Week - July 19, 2007 | Date stamps are being retired for most all library items except items without bar codes, such as some unbound periodicals and government publications, said Thom Deardorff, UW Libraries coordinator for access services.