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Libraries in the News Archive

Judith Henchy, Distinguished Librarian
University Week - June 3, 2010
Behind the Budget: Libraries cuts continue
UW Daily - April 28, 2010
HUB Bookstore to move to OUGL
UW Daily - April 1, 2010 | The bookstore will be behind the information center on the main floor of Odegaard
Steve Shadle, national cataloging award-winner
KUOW's The Conversation with Ross Reynolds - March 15, 2010 (story starts at 08:15 in the 12:30 segment) | What is the role of a serials access librarian?
Libraries joins open-access photographic fun on Flickr Commons
University Week - March 11, 2010 | Collection will be updated monthly from Libraries rich digital repository of images
Thai delegation presents Buddhist canon to Libraries
University Week - March 11, 2010 | World Tipitaka presented by 26-member Thai delegation led by Princess Vudhichalerm Vudhijaya Gilbert
Steve Shadle receives national cataloging award
UW Daily - March 11, 2010 | Serials access librarian recongnized for contributions made over 15 years
Libraries collaborates with Taiwan to digitize rare books
University Week - March 4, 2010 | The East Asia Library collection includes approximately 600 titles of Chinese rare books
Libraries staff members help Seattle Symphony "clean its attic"
University Week - February 25, 2010 | What do you do with 107 years of Seattle Symphony history, particularly when it needs to be professionally organized and preserved?
Odegaard's self-checkout is all about convenience
UW Daily - February 19, 2010 | The purpose of the self-checkout station is simple; students in a rush are able to check items out themselves in a hurry.
OUGL gets first self-checkout station
University Week - February 10, 2010 | Students waiting to check out a book or open reserve materials now have an option: a self-service checkout station at OUGL
Celebrate the updated Ethnomed cross-cultural health resource Feb. 9
University Week - February 4, 2010 | The site has been updated to better help health-care providers and to offer more health information to the community.
Libraries reduces journal subscriptions due to budget cuts
University Week - January 4, 2010 | In response to significantly reduced funding, the University Libraries has substantially cut subscriptions to journals.
Explore old world maps in new UW Libraries digital collection
University Week - November 12, 2009 | You can trace humankind's exploration of the world in the maps in Special Collections' newest digital collection.
Chinese Film Week highlights work by award-winning director
University Week - October 22, 2009 | Chinese Film Week, October 26-31, offers discussions and screenings of award-winning writer and director Peng Xiaolian's films, as well as an appearance by Peng herself
Open Access to Scholarship in the Spotlight
University Week - October 15, 2009 | The open access movement has gained momentum in recent years largely because of the increasing costs associated with journals combined with the rise of electronic publishing.
We, the people
UW Daily - October 9, 2009 | Hartnett was inspired to lend the words of the Constitution to voices at the UW after visiting the Constitution Museum in Philadelphia.
A growing history: Preserving a century of Washington state agriculture literature
University Week - October 8, 2009 | After a four-year process, the UW Libraries has completed a project to identify and preserve the most important Washington state agriculture, forestry and fishery literature published between 1820 and 1945.
Libraries Printing now double-sided by default
UW Daily - October 5, 2009 | The switch, which has already been implemented at campus libraries, could reduce printing- and copy-paper volumes by as much as 35 percent.
Film collection more accessible to students
UW Daily - August 12, 2009 | From seasons of M*A*S*H to Goldie Hawn’s Overboard, students can now browse for videos in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library Media Center on their own instead of making specific requests each time they want to rent a film.