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Administrative Services Organizational Chart

UW Libraries Organizational Chart for Administrative Services- April 2022

Assistant Dean of University Libraries for Administrative Services, Vacant

  • Communications Director, Sandy Hawley
  • Special Assistant for Strategic Analysis and Institutional Research, Steve Hiller

Assessment and Planning

Assessment and Planning reports to the Associate Dean for Research and Learning Services while the Assistant Dean position is vacant.

Director of Assessment and Planning, Jackie Belanger

  • Assessment and Data Visualization Librarian, Maggie Faber
  • Data Visualization Librarian, Negeen Aghassibake

Facilities and Events

Director of Libraries Facilities Operations and Events, Linda Ambre

  • Events Program Specialist, vacant
  • Facilities Manager, Brad Van Horne
    • Facilities and Rentals Coordinator, Benny Souriyadeth
  • Office of the Dean Administrative Assistant, Nan Holmes

Financial Services

Financial Services reports to the Associate Dean for Collections and Content while the Assistant Dean position is vacant.

Director, Financial Services & Purchasing, Kathleen Larson

  • Budget/Fiscal Unit Supervisor, Akram Zouroufchi
    • Fiscal Specialist, Mary Martha McNally
  • Fiscal Transformation Financial Specialist, Rebecca Baker
  • Fiscal Specialist, Heather Spence
  • Fiscal Specialist, Lauren Duong
  • Grants and Contracts Fiscal Specialist, Trish Addison
  • Libraries Purchasing Manager, Sarah Pharris

      Human Resources

      Human Resources Director, Laura Lillard

      • Assistant Director, Human Resources, Erik Dahl
        • HR Coordinator, Taylor Hill
      • Assistant Director, Organization Development and Training, Bryna Lieberman
      • Academic Human Resources Coordinator, Theresa Halsell