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Distinctive Collections Organizational Charts

University of Washington Libraries Organizational Chart for Distinctive Collections – July 2023


Distinctive Collections brings together the Special Collections and International Studies units. With more than 8,000 archival collections and nearly 245,000 print volumes, Special Collections brings together the University of Washington Libraries’ most rare and unique resources. Drawing users from the campus, the community, the region, and the state, Special Collections also serves scholars from across the country and around the world. Our holdings span history and the globe, offering boundless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Research strengths include the history of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Western Canada, architecture, book arts, 19th-century American and English literature, photography, moving images, labor and social justice movement history, ethnic community history, history of science and medicine, historical children’s literature, and ethnomusicology. Special Collections also houses the University Archives.

International Studies includes a portion of the Libraries global studies collecting areas. The Southeast Asia Section has strengths in the social sciences and humanities, particularly politics and history in Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai. The Near East section has strengths in Islam, literature, and history. The Slavic, Baltic and East European Section strength lies primarily in the humanities and social sciences. Together, these collections comprise over 1,000,000 volumes.

Organizational Chart

Associate Dean for Distinctive Collections, Julie Tanaka

Special Collections

Director of Special Collections, Lisa Oberg

  • Accessioning Archivist, Elaine Speer
  • Book Arts and Rare Book Curator, Sandra Kroupa
  • Digital Collections Curator, Ann Lally
  • Enthomusicology Archivist & Recorded Sound Librarian, John Vallier
  • Moving Image Curator, Vacant
  • Pacific Northwest Curator, Anne Jenner
  • Processing Archivist, Tracy Nishimoto
  • Reproduction and Publishing Services Coordinator, vacant
  • Walter L. and Rosemary S. Berg Endowed University Archivist, John Bolcer

Labor Archives

Head, Labor Archives of Washington, Conor Casey

  • Labor Archives Specialist, Eulalie Mathieu
  • Labor Archives Technician, Ernie Dornfeld

Public Services

Head of Public Services, Lisa Oberg

  • Architecture Archivist, Kelly Daviduke
  • Public Services Coordinator, Ruba Sadi
  • Public Services Librarian, Allee Monheim
  • Public Services Library Specialist, vacant
  • Public Services Library Technician, Jana Peterson
  • Special Projects Curator, Kate Lewis

Technical Services

Head of Special Collections Technical Services, Vacant

  • Computer Support Analyst, Vacant
  • Digital Projects Coordinator, Vacant
  • Processing and Monographic Receiving Specialist, Amy Pierce

International Studies

Interim Head (2023-2024), Judith Henchy

Near East Section

Head, Near East Section, Mary St. Germain

  • International Studies Processing Technician, Denis Kautsman

Slavic & Eastern European Section

Head, Slavic & Eastern European Sections, Michael Biggins

  • International Studies Specialist, Nadia Dimitrov

Southeast Asia Section

Head, Southeast Asia Section, Judith Henchy

  • Southeast Asia Library Specialist, Marchette DuBois