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Code of Conduct

The Libraries seeks to provide a safe and secure learning environment where diverse experiences and perspectives are honored. Library users are expected to respect the rights of others, the integrity of Libraries resources and the scholarly mission of the Libraries.

Individuals will:

Individuals will not:

Violate the safety and security of others. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Exhibiting threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence, or harassment.
  • Engaging in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others.
  • Engaging in sexual activities, indecent exposure, harassment, or making unwanted or inappropriate advances.
  • Using the UW NetID or Husky Card of another individual to access UW Libraries facilities and/or resources.
  • Using alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances.
  • Leaving young children unsupervised.

    Disturb or disrupt the academic pursuits of other library users. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

    • Creating disturbances with disruptive noise, e.g., loud talking or audible electronic devices.
    • Vending, peddling, soliciting, or petitioning in the libraries; posting or distributing materials without permission.
    • Inappropriately demanding the attention of others, e.g. disturbing library users who are studying.
    • Disturbing others with strong odors, e.g., perfumes, alcohol, or unsanitary personal conditions.
    • Consuming food or drink in areas where they are prohibited.
    • Bringing animals, other than service animals, into libraries.
    • Using special lighting or reflectors for photography or videography.
    • Using motorized or non-motorized wheeled devices inside the libraries, including the use of bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, and shopping carts that are larger than a small, wheeled luggage cart. These restrictions do not apply to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mobility devices or medical assistive devices, baby strollers, or to university staff and contractors in the course of their work.

    Obstruct use of or misuse Libraries equipment or facilities. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

    • Blocking means of egress, e.g., entrances, ramps and stairways.
    • Denying access to Libraries materials through theft or deliberate misplacement.
    • Defacing or damaging library materials including, but not limited to, underlining, highlighting, writing, or removing pages or security devices.
    • Misusing, misappropriating, damaging, or defacing library furniture, buildings, or equipment.
    • Bypassing configurations of computers, e.g., bypassing filtering on Guest Research Workstations.
    • Leaving personal belongings unattended.

      Sanctions for non-compliance:

      Libraries users found in violation of this code of conduct may be asked to present identification to Libraries staff; may be subject to a search of backpacks or bags; may be directed to leave the premises and not return to any library facilities for the day; may result in Libraries staff filing an internal disruption report, and may be reported to University of Washington Police.  Reports of a permanent ban will be maintained indefinitely.  Additional disciplinary or legal action may be taken in accordance with applicable laws and policies up to and including being banned from entering the Libraries.

      Federal and Washington State laws, local regulations, and UW policies, including the Student Conduct CodeWorkplace Violence and Sexual Harassment policies and other policies in the UW Policy Directory also apply within the University Libraries. In addition, the Libraries has written policies on food and drinkuse of computers and borrowing library materials. All referenced library policies can be found at


      revised June, 2023