Library of Congress Subject Headings Created by Catalogers at the University of Washington Libraries through the SACO Program

Abel Tasman Coast Track (N.Z.)


Adiwasi Garasia (Indic people)

Adiwasi Garasia language

Admiralty Inlet (Wash.)

Adventure stories, Danish

Adventure stories, Latin

Aggressive driving

Airport concourses

Alaska skate

Albugo candida--Detection

Alki Treatment Plant (Seattle, Wash.)


Alsea River Estuary (Or.)

Ambrosia tomentosa

American plaice fisheries


Anchusa arvensis

Angkor Archaeological Park (Cambodia)

Anguilla reinhardtii

Anguilla reinhardtii fisheries

Animals--Effect of roads on


Annamocarya sinensis

Anthology films


Aporrectodea caliginosa

Appletree Cove (Wash.)

Arabidopsis arenosa

Archives--Collection management


Authors, Magahi

Autobiographical fiction, Danish

Bacteria, Denitrifying--Ecology

Bacteria, Denitrifying--Molecular aspects

Ballast water--Purification

Bam Earthquake, Iran, 2003

Bamboo in literature

Banded hare-wallaby

Bardín the Superrealist (Fictitious character)

Barrett's esophagus


Bawdy poetry, South African (English)

Bear Lake Watershed (Utah and Idaho)

Beardslee rainbow trout

Beaumont-Hamel, Battle of, Beaumont-Hamel, France, 1916

Beowulf--Film and video adaptations

Beowulf (Legendary character)


Bildungsromans, Finnish

Bildungsromans, German

Bird's Head Seascape (Indonesia)

Bivalve industry

Blackfoot Community Conservation Area (Mont.)

Blacklip abalone

Blacklip abalone fisheries

Blakely's red gum

Blue swimming crab fisheries

Boise River, South Fork (Idaho)

Broughton Archipelago (B.C.)

Brown trout fisheries

Bryum porsildii

Buddleja davidii

Butter sole

Cake in art


Camas Slough (Wash.)

Camiguin forest mouse

Camiguin hanging parrot

Camiguin Island (Camiguin, Philippines)

Capnia caryi


Carthamus lanatus

Cataloging of artists' books

Cataloging of radio programs

Centaurea nigrescens

Center House (Seattle, Wash.)

Chang'an Jie (Beijing, China)

Chetco River Estuary (Or.)

Cholera toxin

Church buildings--Acoustics

Clark Reservation State Park (N.Y.)

Clarks Creek (Wash.)

Clarks Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Clear Creek (Pierce County, Wash.)

Clear Creek Watershed (Pierce County, Wash.)

Climatic changes--Risk management

Cloudy Bay (N.Z.)

Collective bargaining--Community college teachers

Columbia Slough (Wash.)

Comic books, strips, etc.--Influence on mass media

Coming-of-age films

Coming-of-age television programs


Compsobuthus afghanus

Compsobuthus pakistanus

Concert television programs

Concrete-filled tubes

Concrete-filled tubes--Joints

Confession stories, English

Copper Creek (Skagit County, Wash.)

Copper rockfish

Coprophilous fungi

Coprophilous organisms

Coral reef management--Law and legislation

Cornet Bay (Wash.)

Cortes Island (B.C.)


Cult films

Cultural television programs


Cyanobacteria--Molecular aspects

Danajon Bank (Philippines)

Dash (Fictitious character : West)


Deh Cho First Nations Region (N.W.T.)

Deliberative democracy

Denmark--Civilization--French influences

Dentex fisheries

Dialect literature, Thai

Dialect poetry, Thai


Didactic poetry, French


Disability insurance claimants

Domestics on television

Don Juan television programs

Dot (Fictitious character : West)

Dramatists, Indic

Dramatists, Portuguese

Dramatists, Uzbek

Drift Creek (Drift Creek Wilderness-Alsea River Estuary, Or.)

Drift Creek Watershed (Drift Creek Wilderness-Alsea River Estuary, Or.)

Drift Creek Wilderness (Or.)

Dusky dolphin

Dystopian films

East Kimberley (W.A.)

East Twin River (Wash.)

East Twin River Watershed (Wash.)

Easter Bunny

Ebey Slough (Wash.)

Edible crustaceans

Edible mollusks


Electric Point Mine (Wash.)

Electronic monitoring in fisheries

Elliott Bridge (Wash. : 1951-2006)

Elliott Bridge (Wash. : 2005- )

Enceladus (Satellite)--Volcanoes

Entomophagous insects--Hosts

Environmental reporting

Epic poetry, Laki (Iran)

Epistolary fiction, Swedish

Erotic literature, Singaporean (English)

Espionage, Czechoslovak

Ethics and compliance officers

Euplectella (Sponges)


Extrasolar planets--Detection

Fables, Lao

Fairy tern

Fantasy literature, Japanese

Fantasy sports

Feminist fiction, South African (English)

Fenwick, Lake (Wash.)

Ferlin genes


Figure sculpture, Vietnamese

Finnish essays


Fishes--Effect of roads on

Fishing nets--Monitoring

Fishing nets--Sterilization

Five Little Peppers (Fictitious characters)

Folk songs, Adiwasi Garasia

Forage fish fisheries

Forest soils--Heavy metal content

Forest soils--Mercury content

Foxtail pine

Framework stories, Spanish


Ganymede (Satellite)--Volcanoes

Garlic mustard (Plant)

Gaudiya nritya

Gay physical education teachers

Gene conversion


Geological carbon sequestration

Giay (Asian people)

Giraffe in art

Gladstone Mine (Wash.)


Grande Stream (San José, Costa Rica)

Grande Stream Valley (San José, Costa Rica)

Grandy Creek (Wash.)

Grandy Creek Valley (Wash.)

Gray short-tailed opossum

Great Fish River Estuary (South Africa)

Green porcelain crab

Green sea urchin fisheries

Green tree retention

Greenleaf Slough (Wash.)

Grendel (Legendary character)

Groovy (Computer program language)

Gwadar Port (Gwadar, Pakistan)

Hải Vân Pass (Vietnam)

Halimolobos virgata

Hanging parrots

Hariharalaya (Extinct city)



Hemiandrus pallitarsis

Henderson Basin (N.Z.)

Herbert C. Hoover Building (Washington, D.C.)

Heterosexism in child welfare

Hibiscus trionum

Hidden Markov models


HIV-positive heterosexuals

Homecoming--Religious aspects

Homecoming--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Homecoming in literature

Homophobia in child welfare

Homophobia in physical education

Hong Kong Sign Language

Hood Canal Watershed (Wash.)

Huancabamba Mountains (Peru)

Human activity recognition

Humorists, Pakistani

Hutchinson Lake (Wash.)

Ice floes

Indonesian provinces

Indonesian provinces--Population

Indoor air quality--Law and legislation

Inscriptions, Uighur

Integrated coastal zone management

Intersex children

Intersex people--Identity

Intersex people in the military

Intersexuality in animals

Intersexuality in children

Intrigue in literature

Introduced ants

Iroquois Mine (Wash.)



Iurus dufoureius

Japanese American periodicals

Juanita Creek (Wash.)

Juanita Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Kakwa Wildland Park (Alta.)

Kamānche players

Kangaroo deterrents and repellents

Kelang Strait (Selangor)

Kent Highlands Landfill (Kent, Wash.)


Kiowa Formation

Kirby Lake (Barron County, Wis.)

Knockabout Club (Imaginary organization)


Koufonisi Island (Kyklades, Greece)

Krâvanh Mountains (Cambodia and Thailand)

Kura-Aras Lowland (Azerbaijan)



Laki language (Iran)

Laki literature (Iran)

Laki poetry (Iran)

Latent semantic indexing

Latvian business enterprises

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System

Lepidium oleraceum

Lesbian physical education teachers



Lithium ions

Little Rock Lake (Wis.)

Little Saint Germain Lake (Wis.)

Logging contractors

Lord Howe Island Marine Park (Commonwealth Waters) (N.S.W.)


Lumholtz's tree kangaroo

Lunar megaregolith


Lyssacinosida, Fossil

Maʻādīd (Arab tribe)

Macetown Ruins and Historic Reserve (N.Z.)

Machine-readable bibliographic data--Quality

Macintyre River (N.S.W. and Qld.)

Macintyre River Watershed (N.S.W. and Qld.)

Madsen Creek (Wash.)


Majungasaurus crenatissimus

Mandavi River (India)

Mandavi River Estuary (India)

Mandavi River Watershed (India)

Manuscripts, Lao


Marah oreganus

Mars (Planet)--Geology--Earth analogs

Materials--Mechanical properties

Maud Island (N.Z.)

May-December romances

Mediums--Religious aspects


Mercer Slough (Wash.)

Mertens' water monitor

Mesobuthus gibbosus


Methylobacterium extorquens--Metabolism


Mica Dam (B.C.)

Mill Creek (Butler County and Hamilton County, Ohio)


Motion picture plays, Austrian

Motion picture plays, Bengali

Motion picture plays, Canadian

Motion picture plays, Czech

Motion picture plays, Korean

Motion picture plays, Swedish

Motion picture plays, Ukrainian

Motion picture plays, Vietnamese

Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park (Philippines)

Mountain birch

Mouse-ear hawkweed



National characteristics, Hawaiian

Natural foods--Processing

Navarino, Lake (W.A.)


Needles (Botany)--Diseases and pests

Neem oil


Neonectria major

Nestucca River Watershed (Or.)

New Zealand fairy tern

New Zealand wrens

Nineteen fifty-one, A.D.

Nitinat Lake (B.C.)

Nokia smartphones

Non-royalty plays

North Portland Harbor (Or.)

North Swedish horse

Northumberland Islands (Qld.)

Nostalgia in music


Novelists, Czech

Novelists, Danish

Novelists, Gujarati

Novelists, Hindi

Novelists, Vietnamese

Novelists, Welsh

Novelists, Yugoslav

Numbers of species


Nymphoides peltata

OCaml (Computer program language)

Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve (Ohio)

Olympic Sculpture Park (Seattle, Wash.)


Online library catalogs--Quality

Ord River Irrigation Scheme (W.A.)

Osmium tetroxide

Ostrea angasi

Oxygen consumption (Physiology)

Pacific Coast (America)

Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent

Pacific halibut fisheries--Bycatches

Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (Wash.)

Parasitic gastropods

Parasitic gastropods--Hosts


Parque Nacional La Cangreja (Costa Rica)

Patriotic plays, American



Peromyscus keeni

Peron Peninsula (W.A.)


Phrarātchawang Čhan (Phitsanulok, Thailand)

Pilots Cove (Wash.)

Pine needles--Organochlorine content

Pine needles--Terpene content

Place attachment

Place marketing literature

Poets, Afghan

Poets, Assamese

Poets, Belgian

Poets, Bosnian

Poets, Brahui

Poets, Daghestan

Poets, Dogri

Poets, Dravidian

Pomadasys commersonnii

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve (N.Z.)


Port Susan (Wash.)

Powers Lake (Kenosha County, Wis. : Lake)

Preah Ko (Hariharalaya)

Proboscidea louisianica

Proboscidea (Plants)

Promotional films

Propositional attitudes

Proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Proverbs, Khmer

Proverbs, Laki (Iran)

Proverbs, Muong



Pseudo-nitzschia pungens

Pulp literature, English

Raging River (Wash.)

Railroad tracks--Microbiology

Railroad tracks--Weed control

Rakiura Track (N.Z.)


Rarău Massif (Romania)

Rare earth oxide thin films

Rare ferns

Recommender systems (Information filtering)

Red Rock Lake (Wash.)

Reflective learning

Refugee (The English word)

Religious literature, Persian

Renilla luciferase


Representations of quantum groups

Reserva de la Biosfera del Manu (Peru)

Réserve naturelle des Marais de Kaw-Roura (French Guiana)

Rhamnus cathartica

Rhopalosiphum padi


Rich Passage (Wash.)

Roach fisheries

Roemer's fescue

Roosevelt Reservoir (Seattle, Wash.)

Rorippa austriaca

Rural landowners

Sacheen Lake (Wash.)

Sagebrush steppe ecology

Sagittarius A* (Astronomy)

Saltwater solutions

Sam Mun Highland (Thailand)

Sampoong Department Store Collapse, Seoul, Korea, 1995

Sand roller (Fish)

Santiam River, North Fork (Or.)

Sárvíz River (Fejér Megye and Tolna Megye, Hungary)

Sárvíz River Valley (Fejér Megye and Tolna Megye, Hungary)


Scatophagus argus

Scorpion populations

Sea bird chicks

Sea kayakers

Sea otter populations

Sea pansies

Seahurst Park (Burien, Wash.)

Seawater--Thiol content

Sebastes fisheries

Secchi disks

Sečovlje Salt Pans (Slovenia)

Selah Ditch (Selah, Wash.)

Sex ratio--Endocrine aspects

Sexual minorities on television

Sexual minorities with disabilities

Sexual minority religious leaders


Shock waves--Scattering

Short-tailed opossums

Skykomish River, North Fork (Wash.)

Skykomish River, North Fork, Valley (Wash.)

Slavic drama, Western

Small-scale forestry

Social work with Hispanic Americans

Social work with older sexual minorities

Social work with sexual minority youth

Social work with transgender youth

Sociology--Authorship--Style manuals

Soils--Silver content

Solitario (Tex.)

Solovetski Island (Russia)

Southern sand skink

Spanaway Lake (Wash.)

Spartina patens


Sphecophaga vesparum

Spicule (Anatomy)

Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award

Sri Lankan wit and humor


Star thistles

Stems (Botany)--Morphology

Stenus rufescens

Stephens Island (N.Z.)

Sting (Anatomy)

Stream chemistry

Stream of consciousness fiction, Arabic

Stream of consciousness fiction, English

Stream of consciousness fiction, German

Stream of consciousness fiction, Hindi

Stream of consciousness fiction, Italian

Stream of consciousness fiction, Spanish

Stream of consciousness fiction, Tamil

Strube Lake (Or.)

Sufi poetry, Uzbek


Sultan River Valley (Wash.)

Sunshine Week


Superstitionia donensis


Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Tacoma, Wash. : 1950- )

Talisman Mine (Wash.)

Tandem mass spectrometry

Tang-ki worship


Tanwax Lake (Wash.)

Te Mako Estuary (N.Z.)

Ten-minute plays, American



Tiger muskellunge

Timber--Wet storage

Titi Island (Marlborough District, N.Z.)


Tityus mraceki

Tityus nematochirus


Torilis arvensis

Toxic marine algae--Detection

Transgender people--Identity

Transgender people in the military

Transgender prisoners

Transgenderism on television

Treble Cone Region (N.Z.)

Tsunami damage

Tukwila International Boulevard (Tukwila, Wash.)

Turnip aphid

ULI Awards for Excellence

Underground electric lines--Monitoring

University Slough (Seattle, Wash.)

Upper Goose Lake (Wash.)

V838 Monocerotis (Astronomy)

Vaejovis lapidicola

Venus's flower basket

Video mini-series

Viola grahamii

Viola striata

Visual analytics

Vườn quốc gia Hoàng Liên-Sa Pa (Vietnam)

Walk-up windows

Waray poetry

Ward Hunt Ice Shelf (Nunavut)

Ward Hunt Island (Nunavut)

Waroona Dam (W.A.)

Warroad River (Minn.)

Washington State Route 16 (Wash.)

Washington State Route 518 (Wash.)

Waste disposal in rivers, lakes, etc.

Web sites for sexual minorities

Wedge Island (S. Aust.)

Weidemeyer's admiral

Western water hemlock

Westlake Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Whangamarino Wetland (N.Z.)

White box (Plant)

White's skink

Whitney Hill Bridge (Wash.)

Wind Lake (Racine County, Wis. : Lake)

Windfall risk (Forestry)--Management

Winds in art

Women poets, Slovak

Women poets, Slovenian


Wood chips--Quality


Xenicus gilviventris

Xerophyllum (Plants)

Xerophyllum tenax

Yan family

Yellow box (Plant)

Yellowtail horse mackerel

Yellowtail horse mackerel fisheries

Zuvāri River (India)

Zuvāri River Estuary (India)

Zuvāri River Watershed (India)