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Everett Massacre Collection

Everett Massacre Collection Data Dictionary

Metadata Liaison: Marsha Maguire


Everett Element

Dublin Core



Title: searchable, public/staff field; required field

Title of scanned article/text/manuscript/photograph.  The title may be available from the author or title page but may be assigned by the cataloger based on content of text.  Format of material and date of issue may be added to the title.


Creator: searchable, public/staff field

The name of the author of the text or the corporate body responsible for the content.  Input lastname, firstname or the corporate body name.  Use LC Authority File for form of name, if available.  If more than one author, input in same field with semi-colons between  (like for subjects)


Creator: searchable, public/staff field

The name of the photographer or firm associated with the creation of the image in hand.

Original source

Source: searchable, public/staff field

Contains the name of the journal, periodical, manuscript collection or text in which the item first appeared.  This text may be a chapter of a book or an article from a journal or periodical or an original manuscript.  Also includes the full citation or box/folder/accession number of the collection containing the original.

Negative number

Identifier: searchable, public/staff field

The name of the photographer or firm associated with the creation of the image in hand.


Publisher: searchable, public/staff field

The name of the original publisher of the text should be entered here. May sometimes be the publisher of the periodical/journal.

Place of Publication

None: searchable, public/staff field

The name of the place of publication should be entered here.  Enter hierarchically like for the photos database for continuity when combined.  (United States — Washington, D.C.; United States — Washington — Seattle)

Date of Publication

Date: searchable, public/staff field

The year the text or article was originally published.


Description: searchable, public/staff field

Include any information of importance that is not represented elsewhere.

Object type

Resource Type: searchable, public/staff field, required field

Denotes genre or type of material.  Tentative format is to use a broad term from the Dublin Core Resource Type list followed by a more specific type from AAT.  Example, text.typescript.

Physical Description

0: non-searchable, staff field

Describes the type of medium in detail, the physical location of the object within the repository, and the condition of the object. Most images will have two or more sets of information to place in the Physical Description field. These sets are to be separated by a semi-colon. The term for the medium (photographic print, negative, glass negative, etc.) will be taken from LC TGM II. Location is the physical location within Special Collections for the specific iteration of the image. Condition of the item will be noted and added as items are retrieved and examined in the normal course of events.


Subjects: searchable, public/staff field

Terms in this field are taken from LCSH.

Geographic Subjects

Coverage: searchable, public/staff field

The geographic subject of the content of the text.


Contributor: searchable, public/staff field

A person or organization not specified in the author or publisher field who has made a significant contribution to the resource, but whose contribution is secondary to any person or organization specified in the author field.


Source: non-searchable, public/staff field

The institution where the item is physically located.

Digital Collection

Source: non-searchable, public/staff field

Contains the name of the CONTENT database of which the digital image is a part.


Rights: non-searchable, public/staff field

Lists any restrictions on the use of the digital images or original items.


Relation: non-searchable, public/staff field

Required to support a link to the parent digital collection.

Resource Identifier

Identifier: non-searchable, public/staff field

Details for identifying the digital reproduction.

Transmission data

Format: non-searchable, staff only

Describes the digital conversion process, date scanned, etc.


Type: searchable, staff-only field

Describes the nature or genre of the content of the resource. Select a value from the DCMI Metadata Terms/DCMI Type Vocabulary at

For this database, use StillImage or Text as appropriate.