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Our Most Recent TEAL Updates

Quarterly Updates (Fall 2023)


  • Allen Signature Award for Shen Bao (申報) Digital Archive

  • Digitization project for selected Korean rare titles was funded by the National Library of Korea

  • Received FY24 Korea Foundation Grant for the Korean Collections Consortium of North America

  • Notable Donations to TEAL

    • A set of Chinese rare books from the 17-18th century, including a poem collection by Song Dynasty poet Su Shi.

    • Two handwritten calligraphy scrolls: one by Japan’s first prime-minister, Ito Hirobumi (1841-1909), and the other by another politician, Itagaki Taisuke (1837-1919).


User Services

  • Created new student study seats for quiet study and made all study rooms/seats reservable online through Scout

  • Offered 9 library tours in October & November 2023

  • Orientations for new graduate students in the Asian Language & Literature and Jackson School

  • Library instruction sessions for many classes



  • Created a TEAL Historical timeline display 1937-2023

  • East Asian Studies Faculty Publications (Fall quarter 2023 – ongoing)

  • Hosted the Taiwan Indigenous Books and Photos Exhibit (Oct.14 thru Nov. 28)


Cultural Activities

  • Karaoke Fridays (Oct. 20 & Nov. 17)

  • Forum on Taiwan Indigenous Cultures (Nov. 9)

  • Korean Classics: Short stories, Tea, and Movie (Nov. 27)

  • Tadoku (Japanese reading) Club on Fridays

  • TEAL Facebook Posting on Korean Movies and Poems (Fall quarter 2023)