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Using SimCheck Plagiarism Detection

What is SimCheck?

  • SimCheck is a web-based system that allows student papers to be submitted and checked for plagiarism.
  • The system compares student papers with sources available on the Internet, select commercial article databases, and papers submitted at the UW.
  • Generates a Similarity Report that provides text matches and an indicative similarity score that will help you to understand the origin of student work.
  • SimCheck is not available outside of Canvas. SimCheck is intended to evaluate student assignments only, not pre-publication journal articles.

Using SimCheck as a Learning Tool

  • SimCheck instructor guide
  • Build post-SimCheck conversations into assignment design:
    • Allow students to submit their papers to SimCheck and make updates to their papers.
      (An opportunity for deeper learning: ask students to write a short reflection paper on their experience with their SimCheck results.)
    • Assign peer-review partners or teams to discuss findings.
    • Conduct student/instructor consultations to provide feedback on SimCheck results