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Search Alerts & Notifications

Get alerts when new materials are added that match your search criteria

Many of the databases provided by the UW Libraries offer alert/notification services that automatically send email notifications for new citations or table of contents that match a requester’s interests.

The names of the services (alert, autoalert, saved search) and the procedures for setting them up vary among vendors, but they generally operate in the same way. You specify the search terms or the journal titles and the database automatically provides you with updated results via email. For some you must register with a password and establish a profile or personal account; for others you simply provide your email address. Some alert services limit the number of searches you can save. In many databases you can define how often a search is run.

Note: some alert services will provide links to information that are restricted to UW faculty, students and staff. To access those links from off-campus, you will need to go through the Libraries proxy server using the bookmarklet or by proxying the URLs. See the Connect from Off-Campus page for more info.

Ask us if you have questions about an alert service.