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Undergraduate Student Success Team


The Odegaard Library Undergraduate Student Success Team collaborates with the UW Libraries and UW partners to design memorable and meaningful experiences with the library, both social and academic, for undergraduate students, specifically first year and first year transfer students, international students, underrepresented minority students, and first generation UW students. The team focuses on strategic planning, creativity, and leadership in designing and coordinating Libraries’ programs and services that contribute to undergraduate student academic success and engagement.


Outreach Assessment Toolkit

The USS Team created the library outreach assessment toolkit, a group of adaptable and flexible template documents that guide the assessment process for outreach activities. Grounded in a mixed-methods assessment approach, the toolkit can be used for any category or level of outreach and is specifically designed to be adaptable to a variety of team sizes. The toolkit serves as a vehicle for ongoing communication with stakeholders and partners, and demonstrates the value and impact outreach activities have on library users.

The toolkit is available for use via Google Drive. The Outreach Toolkit Overview document provides a starting point for using and adapting the toolkit for your own needs.


Toolkit Use & Remixing

Intentionally built into the toolkit is sharing, remixing, and revising. The toolkit is a living document that grows and transforms as we and other teams adapt it to meet the needs of our users, whether they be undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty or community members. If you have questions about the toolkit, create new templates for other assessment methods or adapt the documents in a significant way, please contact our team.