Contributor Field

Field name: Your choice (default = "Contributors")

DC Element: Contributor

An entity responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource. A person or organization who has made a significant contribution to the resource, but whose contribution is secondary to any person or organization specified in the DC Creator field(s).

Examples of field names:

  • Contributors
  • Added authors
  • Editor
  • Translator

Examples of data:

  • Smith, John
  • University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections

Recommended format:

  • Lastname, Firstname

If there is more than one name in the field, separate by <br>:

  • Kroupa, Sandra<br>Maguire, Marsha
  • Use a consistent form for names (same name, same form). See controlled vocabularies below.

Recommended controlled vocabulary:

  • Library of Congress/National Authority File (LCAF): List maintained by LC and other libraries. This is the largest file of names (over 4 million) and covers names from many different subject areas and disciplines. It is also the authority file used by the UW Libraries Catalog and all UW Libraries digital projects. You can find authorized forms of names at Library of Congress Authorities by doing a Name Authority Headings search.
  • Union List of Artist Names (ULAN): Vocabulary maintained by the Getty Research Institute. The ULAN "contains around 220,000 names and other information about artists. The coverage of the ULAN is from Antiquity to the present, and the scope is global. The scope of the ULAN includes any identified individual or "corporate body" (i.e., a group of people working together) involved in the design or creation of art and architecture."