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Organization at a Glance

Office of the Dean of University Libraries

Simon Neame, Dean of University Libraries

Dean Neame leads a network of 16 academic research libraries across all three University of Washington campuses and the University of Washington Press.

  • Libraries Cabinet
  • Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries and Director, Libraries Facilities and Events, Linda Ambre
  • Director for Information Technology Services & Digital Strategies, John Borwick
  • Director of Global Engagement for the University of Washington Libraries, Zhijia Shen
  • Executive Director for NNLM Region 5, Kathryn Vela
  • Interim Director for Special Collections, Lisa Oberg
  • Senior Director for HEALWA & Community Partnerships, Tania Bardyn
  • Director of University of Washington Press, Nicole Mitchell

Portfolios and Organizational Charts


Sheryl Stiefel, Assistant Dean

Organizational Chart

Libraries Advancement supports Libraries initiatives through private and foundation support, including donor events, outreach and stewardship.

Collections and Strategic Partnerships

Denise Pan, Senior Associate Dean

Organizational Chart

Collections and Strategic Partnerships focuses on building and sharing sustainable collections by maximizing internal and external capacity and stewarding finite resources.

Distinctive Collections

Associate Dean, Julie Tanaka

Organizational Chart

Distinctive Collections encompasses Special Collections as well as International Studies.

Organizational Development and Inclusion

Kimanthi Warren, Assistant Dean

Organizational Chart

Research and Learning Services

Lauren Pressley, Senior Associate Dean

Organizational Chart

Research and Learning Services provides collections, space, as well as reference and circulation services to support research and publishing by the academic community.

UW Bothell and Cascadia Library

Richard S. Lewis, Associate Dean

Organizational Chart

The UW Bothell / Cascadia Campus Library serves the University of Washington and Cascadia College combined campus.

UW Tacoma Library

Associate Dean – vacant
Interim Director, UW Tacoma Library, Megan Gregory

Organizational Chart

The UW Tacoma Library serves the University of Washington Tacoma Campus.

HEALWA and Community Partnerships

Tania Bardyn, Senior Director

Organizational Chart

HEALWA assures affordable, anytime, online access to current, authoritative clinical information and educational resources to eligible health care practitioners in Washington State.

NNLM Region 5

Simon Neame, Interim Primary Investigator

Organizational Chart

The UW Libraries serves as the Regional Medical Library for Region 5 of the Network of the National Library of Medicine, providing programs, services, and dedicated support for NNLM Members in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and U.S. Territories and Freely Associated States in the Pacific.

University Press

Nicole Mitchell, Director

Organizational Chart

The University of Washington Press finds, develops, selects, and publishes scholarship of high quality and enduring value.