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Storytelling Fellows

The Storytelling Fellows series of workshops are a partnership between the Research Commons and UW Libraries Instructional Design (LibID). In these workshops, through digital storytelling and podcasting, graduate students at the UW explore telling the story of their research or their relationship to it.

To learn more about Storytelling Fellows: Digital Storytelling, you can check out this Canvas page. To delve into Storytelling Fellows: Podcasting, you can visit this webpage. Below, you’ll find digital stories that graduate students made in Storytelling Fellows: Digital Storytelling.


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Jane Fest VIdeo
This is a digital story about Jane Fest 2017, a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the life and work of novelist, Jane Austen
Sarah Faulkner, English
Runtime: 2:37

Language Embodiment_Conceptual Frameworks
This is a digital story about five conceptual frameworks that emerged from research on the embodied representations of diverse students' self-reported languages.
Holly Shelton, English
Runtime: 3:59

Contemporary Brand
This is a digital story about the history of the word brand and its relationship to American slave narratives.
Max Lane, English
Runtime: 2:24

Transcultural Dialogue & Translocal Connections_Pussy Riot in Mexico
This is a digital story about the facilitation of translocal connections through transcultural dialogues, examined through the feminist activism of the band Pussy Riot.
Monica Cortés Viharo, School of Drama
Runtime: 6:16

My Research
This is a digital story about research on kryptobenthic coral reef fishes in Tonga.
Marta Gomez-Buckley, SAFS/Coral Reef Fish Ecology and Evolution
Runtime: 2:36

A Story about Spanish Theater and Ghosts
This is a digital story about untold narratives based on an analysis of Juan de la Cueva's El principe tirano (1581).
Emmy Herland, Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Runtime: 3:50

We Are the eScience Institute
This is a digital story about the University of Washington's eScience Institute.
Robin Brooks, eScience Institute/Communications
Runtime: 1:54

Each One a Story
This is a digital story about non-traditional student narratives.
Margaret Lundberg, English
Runtime: 4:24

Storytelling and Science Outreach
This is a digital story about the author's journey into becoming a scientist who researches the early detection of cancer using DNA mutations.
Katie Baker, Pathology
Runtime: 2:14

The Story of Tory: Mobility as a Right
This is a digital story about Tory Sanders and Black mobility as a human right.
Matthew Howard, English
Runtime: 3:25

What is ADHD?
This is a digital story about the author's research about surgical robotics.
Niveditha Kalavakonda, Electrical Engineering
Runtime: 3:13

This is a digital story about the narratives of Vietnamese refugees and how their work enriches future generations.
Dieu-Hien t. Hoang, Nursing
Runtime: 1:44