About Us


The primary mission of the portfolio is to advance intellectual discovery by identifying, acquiring, describing, and preserving the University of Washington Libraries’ collections and content.


The Portfolio will serve our distributed, three campus collection by pursuing responsive, sustainable, and transparent systems for the selection, acquisition, cataloging, management, and preservation of library resources. We will build and maintain collections that advance teaching, research, and scholarship in many forms, formats, languages, and subject areas. By collaborating with our colleagues and partners in the Libraries, UW, region, and nation, we will provide timely and timeless access to needed resources. We will be innovative, strategic, responsive, and responsible stewards of state and donor funding. Our staff will create and uphold the ethics, best practices, and standards of our professional disciplines, and provide expertise and leadership in our professional disciplines. Together our efforts will contribute directly to the dissemination, preservation and advancement of knowledge that UW students, faculty and staff use to transform lives and create a better world.


collaboration | diversity & inclusion | innovation | stewardship | sustainability