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Northwest Composers. Vol. 25

NWComposrs vol 25

Joel Salsman, Composer and Pianist

Dervish Dance (1963)(for John-Franklin Koenig)


Three Dedications (1962)
for Else Geissmar, for Gloria Swisher, for Don Paulson


“From this time on….” (1965)(for Raymond & Monique Trouard)


8 Reflections and a Haiku (1965)(for Eero Richmond & Jean-Louis Blanc)


“CETA Concerto” for Piano, Strings, Gong, Bass Drum, and Triangle (1976)(for Swami Mutananda)
Invocation, Ritual Dance, Sun Dance, Moon Dance
Northwest Chamber Orch., Louis Richmond, cond.


A Ballet for Baba (1977)(for Swami Muktannada)
Eastside Chamber Orch., John Spence, cond.
1) Arati
2) Shanti
3) Solo for Sarah
4) Shakti
5) Interlude
6) Pas de Deux
7) Solo for Frank
8) Pole Dance
9) Solo for Rita
10) Solo for Flemming
11) Solo for Donna
12) Joining Dance
13) Solo for Douglas
14) Ostinato
15) Interlude
16) Solo for Alexis
17) Trio Dance
18) Dance for Two Men
19) Dance for Four Women
20) Dance for Three Men
21) Final Dance