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Northwest Composers. Vol. 3

Joel Salsman, piano

NWComposers vol 3

John Verrall (1908-2001)
Songs of Nature

  1. The Close of Day
  2. The Counting of a Summer Rainstorm
  3. I'll LayMe Down Beneath the Moon
  4. Ice Skaters

Susan Dolacky, soprano


Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
Orbit No. 2 for alto recorder and piano
Jack Peters, recorder

John Verrall (1908-2001)
Sonata for Flute and Piano (1975)

  • Slow, Serious
  • Moderately Fast
  • Very Slowly, Almost Motionless
  • Fast

Jack Peters, flute


Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
Child in the Garden for piano 4-hands, Op. 168
Dan Garrett & Joel Salsman, piano

John Verrall (1908-2001)
Nocturne for Clarinet and Piano (1958)

Gloria Swisher (1935-
Pastorale and Allegro for Clarinet and Piano (1956)
Jack Peters, clarinet

George Frederick McKay(1899-1970)
Four Rhythmic Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (1968)

Lockrem Johnson (1924-1977)
Sonatina for Trumpet and Piano, Op. 35 (1950)
John McLAndress, trumpet

Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
"Shatakh" for Violin and Piano (1947)
Matthew Weiss, violin