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Open Scholarship Commons Community Fellows Workshop Series

The Open Scholarship Commons Community Fellows Workshop Series is a paid fellowship opportunity for  graduate students underrepresented in the field of open scholarship. The goal of this Fellowship is to lift up students as experts in this field and create opportunities for peer to peer learning by offering student-led workshops. Equity is a core value of the UW Libraries Open Scholarship Commons, and this Fellowship, funded by the UW Diversity Council, aims to support the expertise and leadership of underrepresented students in the field of open scholarship.

Applicants should have a concrete idea for an open scholarship workshop, but will receive support on refining their idea and developing their workshop from mentors at UW Libraries’ Open Scholarship Commons and the eScience Institute. Fellows will be compensated at an hourly rate of $35/hour for up to 20 hours (for a maximum compensation of $700). Twenty hours is also meant to give a realistic sense of how much time Fellows will be expected to invest in this project. Fellows will be accepted Fall quarter, workshops will be developed during Winter quarter, and workshops will be held for the public (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) in Spring quarter. These final workshops will be recorded and made available on the Open Scholarship Commons website.

This Fellowship program is funded by a UW Diversity Council Diversity Seed Grant and co-administered by the Libraries Open Scholarship Commons and the eScience Institute. This fellowship is structured as a student employee position and requires that you provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States, and that you meet student employee enrollment criteria winter and spring quarter. International students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are encouraged to apply.


Sample Workshop Topics

Open scholarship is a broad and evolving field. Here are a few examples of potential topics for workshops, and we are open and excited to hear about other ideas you might have:

  • Community engaged scholarship: Developing research with community can be an important tool towards solving today’s global problems. Share your best practices and tips for identifying and establishing working relationships with community, ethics of shared governance with community members, crowdsourcing strategies, etc.

  • Research communication (e.g. storytelling, data visualization, writing for the general public, improvisation techniques, etc.): Sharing and communicating research to broad audiences is an important part of the research lifecycle. Share your tips and expertise for telling the story of your research

  • Workshop an open source software or tool to efficiently process or share research (e.g. open refine, Jupyter, WordPress, etc.)

  • Accessibility: Work is never truly open if it can’t be accessed, read, and/or viewed by all. Share best practices you use to ensure accessibility of your research or in evaluating tools to use as part of your research process.

  • Open/distributed leadership best practices: Much of open work requires shared leadership and governance. What best practices, tips, or techniques do you have to share in this area? Sustaining open source projects. Reward structures in open work that build and foster community.

  • Privacy: Working in the open can come with tradeoffs in the area of privacy. Share ideas for evaluating/monitoring your own privacy, communicating in ways that protect privacy, or favorite privacy tools.

  • Education: How can open scholarship tools and practices be used in the classroom and in instructional design?