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Online Exhibits

Welcome to our online exhibits, where we bring the rich history of labor and social justice to your screen. Explore the captivating stories and visual experiences in these exhibitions:

Solidarity Centennial: The Legacy of the Seattle General Strike Era and the Centralia Tragedy of 1919

The Seattle General Strike of 1919 brought the city to a standstill for an astounding six days, uniting diverse groups across various occupations and political affiliations. Later that same year, a violent confrontation in Centralia, Washington, marked a tragic turning point in the aftermath of the strike’s success. This exhibit was part of a statewide series of Solidarity Centennial programming in 2019, and was made possible by the generous support of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies.

Author, Poet, and Worker: The World of Carlos Bulosan

Explore the digital version of LAW’s exhibit dedicated to Carlos Bulosan, a prominent Filipino American labor activist, writer, and poet. Delve into the world of Carlos Bulosan and discover the labor, activist, and ethnic communities that shaped his remarkable life and work.

Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection Exhibit

This exhibit provides a comprehensive look at the historical context surrounding the Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection. Immerse yourself in the visual narratives of this iconic collection.

Images of Labor and Social Justice: The Art of Richard Correll

Experience the digital version of LAW’s exhibit celebrating the artistry of Richard V. “Dick” Correll (1904-1990), renowned as one of the leading masters of printmaking in the West. Correll’s powerful black and white linoleum cuts, etchings, and woodblock prints reflect a wide range of themes, from landscapes and animals to political and social issues that remained close to his heart throughout his life.

Washington State Farmworkers Struggles

Exhibit on the history of farmworkers in Washington state from the 1910s to the 2010s.

Women @ Work [Coming soon]

An Injury to One is an Injury to All: The Legacy of the 1916 Everett Massacre and the Industrial Workers of the World in the Pacific Northwest [Coming soon]

We invite you to explore these exhibits, where history, art, and social justice intersect. Discover the past, gain insights into the struggles and triumphs of the labor movement, and appreciate the artistic expressions that have shaped our world.

Please click on the exhibit titles to begin your journey.