Library of Congress Subject Headings Created by Catalogers at the University of Washington Libraries through the SACO Program

Abstract films

Abused Alaska Native children

Acacia pendula

Advertising--Petroleum industry and trade

Aesthetics, Balkan

Aircraft bird strikes--Reporting

Alaska Native children with disabilities

Alaska Native college graduates

Alaska Native mass media

Alaska Native radio stations

Alaska Native sexual minorities


Animal behavior genetics

Anthony Lakes Recreation Area (Or.)

Argentine shortfin squid

Arrowtooth flounder fisheries

Authors, Pakistani

Autism spectrum disorders

Autistic children--Means of communication

B-19 bomber

Bagby Research Natural Area (Or.)

Ballānah (Egypt)

Ballet television programs

Bat-dispersed plants

Bellevue City Hall (Bellevue, Wash. : 110th Avenue Northeast)

Benicia-Martinez Bridge (Benicia and Martinez, Calif.)

Biological tags


Birch bark extract

Bird kills

Birds--Effect of wind power plants on

Bisexuals--Relations with heterosexuals

Black-winged pratincole

Blackwater Island Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Body image in girls

Bonefish fisheries

Boston Glacier Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Boston National Historical Park (Boston, Mass.)

Boulder Beach (Otago, N.Z.)

Bowling for girls


Braided river ecology

Butte Research Natural Area (Or.)

Cadmium selenide

Calanus helgolandicus

California five-spined ips

California yellowtail

Calligan Creek (Wash.)

Calligan Lake (Wash.)

Canoe Pass (Wash.)

Cape Horn Lakes (Idaho)


Cardboard boats

Caribou populations--Estimates

Carson River (W.A.)

Cataloging of DVDs

Cataloging of preloaded audio players

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (Calif.)

Child trafficking victims

Children of prime ministers

Chinese diaspora in literature

Chionochloa rigida

Chirikof Island (Alaska)

Chititu Creek (Alaska)

Chititu Creek Watershed (Alaska)

Chlamydomonas as laboratory organisms



Climate change mitigation

Closed-circuit television in police work

Coastal biodiversity

Coastal biodiversity conservation

Coastal ecosystem health

Coastal ecosystem health--Law and legislation


Coins, Khorezmian

Coins, Qajar

Collectors and collecting--Licenses

Communication devices for autistic children

Cones (Botany)--Diseases and pests

Cooperating teachers


Coprosma wallii



Corn--Organic farming


Corn--Seedlings--Diseases and pests

Corporate governance--Religious aspects

Corporate governance--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]


Crocodylus siamensis

Crooked River (Idaho County, Idaho)

Crowns (Botany)

Cultural competence

D'Angelico guitar

Deception Pass (Island County and Skagit County, Wash.)

Deception Pass Bridge (Wash.)

Deep Creek Mine (Wash.)

Deep-sea fisheries

Derived categories (Mathematics)

Desulfovibrio vulgaris--Genetics

Devlet yolu K.K. no. 400-16 (Turkey)

Devlet yolu K.K. no. 400-17 (Turkey)

Devlet yolu K.K. no. 715-07 (Turkey)

Devlet yolu K.K. no. 715-08 (Turkey)


Diplomatic and consular service, Cambodian

Diplostomum spathaceum

Dissostichus mawsoni fisheries

Documentary-style television programs

Don Quixote (Fictitious character) in motion pictures

Dry Falls (Wash.)


Duck populations

Duck populations--Estimates

Duwamish River Valley (Wash.)

Dwarf galaxias

Eagle Peak (Lewis County, Wash.)

Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services--Law and legislation

Eggleaf twayblade

Elwha Dam (Wash.)

Embroidery in art

Encephalic photoreceptors

Epic poetry, Kalinga

Erotic literature, Thai

Estuarine restoration--Monitoring

Ethanol fuel industry

Ethnicity in motion pictures

Etivlik Lake (Alaska)


European tarnished plant bug

Exercise for girls

Family planning--Law and legislation

Family planning services--Utilization

Feathers in art

Female middle school athletes

Ferruginous duck

Ferry terminal parking facilities

Fertility clinics--Utilization


Filmed ballets

Filmed interviews

Filmed shadow shows

Fishes--Collection and preservation--Law and legislation

Fishes--Collection and preservation--Licenses

Fishes--Effect of mining on



Food courts

Foreign workers, Burmese

Foreign workers, Central Asian

Forest biodiversity--Climatic factors

Forest biodiversity--Effect of fires on

Forest resilience

Forest resilience--Climatic factors

Forest site preparation

Foulweather Bluff Preserve (Wash.)

Fraustadt, Battle of, Wschowa, Poland, 1706

French restaurants

Freshwater habitat conservation

Freshwater habitats

Fritillaria camschatscensis

Galer Street (Seattle, Wash.)

Gareloi, Mount (Alaska)

Gaspra (Asteroid)

Gay erotic drama, American

George Washington Memorial Bridge (Seattle, Wash.)

Germplasm resources--Utilization

Gifted Alaska Native children

Gifted Indian children




Goat Marsh Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Göksu River Valley (Antalya İli-Mersin İli, Turkey)

Golf tournament programs

Grassland invertebrates

Great snipe

Gresi language

Gubik Formation (Alaska)

Gulf of Bothnia Coast (Sweden)

Gymnastics for boys

Hard rock minerals

Harney Basin (Or.)

Harney Lake (Or.)

Harney Lake Research Natural Area (Or.)

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Harvard University--Buildings--Remodeling for other use

Heathland management



Helicons (Electromagnetism)

Hemichordata, Fossil

Historic industrial sites

Historical reenactments (Motion pictures)

Historical reenactments (Television programs)


Home visits (Education)

Horse Ridge Research Natural Area (Or.)

Housekeeping in art

Hymns, Cebuano


Hypoponera opacior

IBIS (Information retrieval system)

IBM 704 (Computer)

Idaho, Southwestern

Idaho Territory--History

Identity politics in literature

Identity politics in motion pictures

İl yolu K.K. no. 70-50 (Turkey)

Immigrants' writings, Philippine (English)

Improvised explosive devices--Detection

Independence National Historical Park (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Indian comedians

Indian sexual minorities

Indiana Jones television programs

International Migratory Bird Day

International Year of Astronomy, 2009

Internet and bisexual men

Internet and gay men

Introduced vertebrates


Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmark (Calif.)

Island Research Natural Area (Or.)

Island scrub jay

Italy--Economic conditions--476-1268

Italy--Social conditions--476-1268

Japanese American women teachers

Japanese restaurants

Jefferson Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Jewish television producers and directors

Jordan Crater Research Natural Area (Or.)

Jornandes (Insects)

Juan de Fuca Eddy

Juan Fernandez petrel

Judeo-French language


Junior high school boys

Junior high school girls

Kalinga literature

Kalinga poetry

Karamazor Mountains (Tajikistan)

King Edward River (W.A.)

Kodiak Archipelago (Alaska)

Komso Bay (Korea)

Korean restaurants

Kwini language

Laboratory organisms

Larsen Ice Shelf (Antarctica)

Leadership in girls

Lenice Lake (Wash.)

Lesser showy stickseed

Lek behavior--Genetic aspects

Limestone Island (N.Z.)

Lindera melissifolia


Lesser white-fronted goose

Lomatium nudicaule

Long-period variables

Loomis Natural Resources Conservation Area (Wash.)

Lost Forest Research Natural Area (Or.)

Maccoa duck

Male athletes

Male junior high school athletes

Male reproductive health

Male reproductive health services

Male white collar workers

Mallard populations

Mamaku Plateau (N.Z.)


Marine ecosystem health

Marine species diversity

McConnell Island (Wash.)

McMurdo Ice Shelf (Antarctica)

Measurement in art

Men's health services

Meteorology on postage stamps


Microdiprion pallipes

Micropogonias furnieri

Micropogonias furnieri fisheries

Middle school athletes

Migratory birds

Migratory fishes

Miller Creek (King County, Wash.)

Miller Creek Watershed (King County, Wash.)

Minute Man National Historical Park (Mass.)

Morristown National Historical Park (N.J.)

Motion picture plays, Bulgarian

Motion picture plays, Cuban

Motion picture plays, Polish

Motion picture plays, Tagalog

Mountain hydrology

Mud Mountain Dam (Wash.)

Murtaugh Lake (Idaho)


Nasal septum

National characteristics, English, in art

National characteristics, French-Canadian

National characteristics, French, in art

National characteristics, Indochinese

National characteristics, Israeli, in literature

National characteristics, Japanese, in literature

National characteristics, Korean, in literature

National characteristics, Latvian

National characteristics, Pakistani

National characteristics, Panjabi

National characteristics, Spartan

National characteristics, Taiwan

National characteristics, Tunisian

National characteristics, Uzbek, in literature

National characteristics, West African

National characteristics, West European

National characteristics, Yakut

National protected areas systems--Gap analysis

National Vegetation Information System (Information retrieval system)


Neovenator salerii

Neskowin Crest Research Natural Area (Or.)

Newborn infants--Growth

NGC 300 (Galaxy)

Nisqually Lake (Wash.)

Non-toxic shot

Norutak Lake (Alaska)

Notranjska (Slovenia)

Novelists, Thai

Ohop Creek (Wash.)

Ohop Valley (Wash.)

Olfactory receptor genes

Olfactory receptors

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (Wash.)

Oracles, Chinese

Oregon Coast Range (Or.)

Organic floriculture

Ozette Lake (Wash.)

Padre Island National Seashore (Tex.)

Paengaroa Mainland Island (N.Z.)





Parasites as biological tags



Parona signata

Patagonian grenadier

Peatland management

Peatland restoration


Pectinochromis lubbocki

Penny newspapers

Pentatricopeptide repeat genes


Photography in wilderness area monitoring

Physical education for girls

Physical fitness for girls

Pink-headed duck

Pitt Island (N.Z.)

Plant protection industry


Playaway (Preloaded audio player)


Pogonias cromis

Pogonias cromis fisheries

Point Wilson Lighthouse (Port Townsend, Wash. : 1879-1914)

Postojna Cave (Slovenia)

Powell Butte Research Natural Area (Or.)


Prešernove nagrade


Ptychodera flava

Pyramid Lake Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Quatse Lake (B.C.)

Quatse River (B.C.)

Quatse River Estuary (B.C.)

Quilts in art

Qustul (Wādī al-Jadīd, Egypt)

Radioactive waste canisters

Rain gardens

Real River (Portugal)

Real River Watershed (Portugal)

Red rock crab

Reflection Lake (King County, Wash.)

Reproductive health services

Resilience (Ecology)

Return migrants


Ribbon seal

River Park Square (Spokane, Wash.)

Rustam (Legendary character)

Rustam (Legendary character) in literature

Salt marsh conservation

Salt marsh restoration

San Francisco Federal Building (San Francisco, Calif.)

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (San Francisco, Calif.)

San Ignacio Lagoon (Mexico)

Sea ducks

Seed dispersal by bats

Seedlings--Diseases and pests

Sequence alignment (Bioinformatics)

Senna (Genus)

Senna obtusifolia


Seriolella porosa

Sertavul Pass (Turkey)

Set dancing

Sexual minority business enterprises

Sexual minority women

Shaviovik River (Alaska)

Snake Ridge (White Pine County, Nev.)

Sociable lapwing

Social problem films

Social satire

Social satire, English

Social satire, Hindi

Social satire, Italian

Soil depth

Soil scarification

Songs, Cebuano


Sorex palustris

Sõrve Peninsula (Estonia)

Sousaphone and electronic music

Southern yellowtail

Speeches, addresses, etc., Vietnamese

Stewart Island shag

Stinking Lake Research Natural Area (Or.)

Strathcona Sound (Nunavut)


Subsurface bacteria


Sucia Island (Wash.)

Sucia Islands (Wash.)

Sulfate-reducing bacteria

Sundarban Biosphere Reserve (India)

Sunset Plaza (Tacoma, Wash.)

Sustainable biodiversity

Synaptic vesicles

Taiga conservation

Taman Negara Loagan Bunut (Sarawak)

Tara gum

Tarpon fisheries

Televised ballets

Television crime shows

Television remakes

Television sequels

Tenalquot Prairie (Wash.)

Thatcher Bay (Wash.)

Thompson Clover Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Three-dimensional printing

Thymidylate synthase

Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road (N.W.T. and Nunavut)

Time-lapse films

Tiwi Islands (N.T.)

Tongariro Northern Circuit (N.Z.)


Travelers' writings, Thai


Trøndersk dialects

Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula (N.W.T.)

Tukuto Lake (Alaska)


Upper Elwha Dam (Wash.)

Ural River Watershed (Russia and Kazakhstan)

Uzbek periodicals

Valley Forge National Historical Park (Pa.)

Venus (Planet)--Volcanoes

Venusian craters

Video installations (Art)

Visual poetry, Egyptian


Waikaremoana, Lake, Watershed (N.Z.)

Waitts Lake (Wash.)

Walker Creek (King County, Wash.)

Walker Creek Watershed (King County, Wash.)

Wallula Gap (Wash.)

Wasp Islands (Wash.)

Wat Sī Chum (Sukhothai, Thailand)


Webster Point (Wash.)

Wenas Creek (Wash.)

Wetland biodiversity

Wetland mapping

Wetland restoration--Monitoring

Wetland surveys

Wheeler Creek Research Natural Area (Or.)

Wheeler Peak (Nev.)

White abalone

Wild animal collecting--Licenses

Window bird strikes

Women poets, Indonesian

Women poets, Scandinavian

Women team handball players

Women's periodicals, Slovenian

Women's Rights National Historical Park (N.Y.)

Yıldız Sarayı (Istanbul, Turkey)

Youngs Bay (Or.)

Youths' writings, Bengali

Zoning officers

Zoological specimens--Collection and preservation--Licenses