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Scholarly Publishing & Copyright

OSC staff can help you to understand your rights as an author and consider how to include materials for which you are not the copyright holder. If you wish to publish your work in a traditional scholarly journal, we can help you to review publishers and understand your publishing contract.

What support is available for Scholarly Publishing & Copyright?

We can help you to:

  • Know your rights as an author
  • Use content you do not have the rights for, either through fair use or permissions
  • Understand Creative Commons licenses and find freely licensed content
  • Create—or find—Open Educational Resources (including textbooks) to use in your courses
  • Understand the rights of students, interviewees, and other potential collaborators
  • Evaluate journals for fit and quality
  • Read and negotiate publisher agreements
  • Support Open Access and UW’s Faculty Open Access Policy
  • Find appropriate Open Access repositories, including UW’s institutional repository, ResearchWorks

**While we cannot provide legal or career advice, we can provide background and context to think through these issues.



Copyright and the Creative Commons Workshops

Learn basic aspects of copyright law and how the Creative Commons can help you to use media without worries.

Available to: Anyone

Offered: Quarterly

Going Public

Learn skills, techniques, and best practices for communicating your research to wider publics and engaging community members as co-creators of scholarship.

Available to: Anyone

Offered: Yearly

Fair Use

Fair use is a flexible legal doctrine that allows us to use copyright-protected materials without seeking permission. In this workshop you will learn about the fair use factors and how they have been analyzed in different contexts. You’ll even be a judge for a day!

Available to: Anyone

Offered: Quarterly