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Sir Walter Raleigh

The History of the World

The History of the World is one of the better known literary achievements of Sir Walter Raleigh.  The bibliographic life of the History is as interesting as was the life of its author, filled with successes, pitfalls and controversy.

The University of Washington owns two early copies of Raleigh’s History, a 1614 printed by William Stansby and a 1621 printed by William Jaggard.  While the Stansby is academically important as a first edition and for its contemporary annotations, the 1621 third edition also holds academic importance for its unique bibliographic history.

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Louis Choris

Voyage Pittoresque Autour Du Monde

Louis Choris was appointed the official painter on a three-year scientific expedition led by Russian explorer Otto von Kotzebue in 1815. The resulting book was originally issued in 22 separate parts and included 105 colored plates. Representing much of the Pacific Rim including Alaska, California and Hawaii, this volume is a beautiful yet fundamental view of 19th century pacific territories. Issued in uncolored, partly colored, and fully colored editions, the University of Washington’s copy is highly prized for the full color plates found throughout.

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Edward Topsell

The Historie of Serpents

Edward Topsell was a British clergyman and author whose two volume bestiary The Historie of Foure-Footed Beasts (1607) and The Historie of Serpents (1608) become widely popular for its fantastic illustrations.

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