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UW Press Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart for UW Press

Director for UW Press, Nicole Mitchell

  • Grants and Digital Projects, Beth Fuget


Editorial Director, Larin McLaughlin

  • Acquisitions Editor, Mike Baccam
  • Acquisitions Editor, Caitlin Tyler-Richards
  • Acquisitions Fellow, Justine Sargent
  • Assistant Editor, vacant

Editing, Design, and Production

Editing, Design, and Production Director, Jennifer Comeau

  • Art Director,┬áMinday Hill
    • Design Assistant, Ani Rucki
  • Reprints Coordinator & Production Assistant, Jim Woolson
  • Senior Project Editor, Joeth Zucco

Finance and Operations

Directory of Finance and Operations, Marty Brown

  • Budget/Fiscal Analyst, Heidi Olson

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales Director, David Schlangen

  • Marketing Manager, Benny Sisson
  • Publicity Manager, Molly Woolbright