Early Washington Maps

Early Washington Maps
Draft begun 9/25/00

A collaboration between University of Washington and Washington State University Libraries

Contacts: Trevor Bond (WSU) and Kathryn Womble (UW)

Element Dublin Core Comments
Title Title: searchable, public/staff field; required field Title of map. Include date of situation in parentheses at end of title statement.
Full resolution 0 : searchable, public/staff field Contains link to the full resolution image from the MrSID viewer.
Author Creator: searchable, public/staff field Use LC Authority File for form of name, if available.  If more than one author, input in same field with<br> between. If there are corporate and personal names, put corporate names first.  More discussion needed on whether to include role of person here or in a note field.
Publication Date Date: non-searchable, public/staff field Date the map was published. Whenever there is a difference between the date of situation and the publication date, spell it out in a note. Do not use brackets. Do use ca. when appropriate.
Publisher Publisher: searchable, public/staff field Includes place and name of map publisher. Do not use brackets.
Description Description: searchable, public/staff field Includes size in centimeters, scale and any information of importance not represented elsewhere. List scale last.
Subject (TGM/LCSH) Subject: searchable, public/staff field Controlled vocabulary consisting of LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials and LCSH. If more than one subject, input in same field with <br> between. If map covers an historical jurisdiction, put it here.
Type Type: searchable, public/staff field Physical type or genre, examples: map, globe, game. A list may be created or an existing one such as the LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials used. Also use for physical characteristics of piece if appropriate.
Coverage (or Location Depicted) Coverage: searchable, public/staff field Standardized string of geographic terms for map content. Use authority file for terms. Example, Washington (State)--King County--Seattle.
Rights Rights: non-searchable, public/staff field Standard statement of copyright holder, contact information, credit line or restrictions on use, i.e. "This image may be freely downloaded and used. Please give credit to the University of Washington Libraries."
Repository Source: searchable, public/staff field Name of library and collection where item is housed. Standard format going from large to small, i.e. University of Washington Libraries Map Collection.
Identifier Resource Identifier: searchable, public/staff field Unique record number. Intent is for public use to identify an image to repository staff. Can use also for call numbers for tangible items like map, book, CD-ROM.
Transmission data Format: non-searchable, public/staff field Scanning information, example, jpeg.
Contributor Contributor: searchable, public/staff field Name of digitizing/cataloging agency, i.e. University of Washington Libraries Map Collection.
Language Language: searchable, public/staff field i.e. English
Relation Relation: searchable, public/staff field If the map is a page from a larger work, contains the bibliographic citation.  To be investigated: possible inclusion of a link to the catalog record if the user wants more information.
Dates Date: searchable, staff field Reflects the Date field. If the date is a single year, it is the same in both the Date and the Dates fields. If the date in the Date field is "circa" date (e.g. ca 1895), the Dates field contains the expanded version so that searching will find dates covered by the concept of a "circa" date. Five years (or whatever is decided) on either side of the "ca." is the preferred form.

If the Date field reads "ca. 1910,":
Dates: 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915

Control Control; searchable, staff field Use to code set of records for easy retrieval. (i.e. "UWbogus" will identify records that have bogus images that need to be overlaid with "real" images)