Data Dictionaries

Selected metadata application profiles, data dictionaries, and schemas governing metadata creation in a wide variety of University of Washington Libraries and Libraries-affiliated digital projects

Click on a project or collection name below to view the collection-specific metadata application profile (MAP), data dictionary, or schema. For questions regarding these MAPs, data dictionaries, and schemas, please contact the Metadata Implementation Group.

Metadata Application Profiles

  1. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest (Graphical) [Created September, 1998]
  2. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest (Textual) [Created January, 1999]
  3. Ancient Near East Image Archive [Last update July, 1999]
  4. Architecture Collection Data [Created February, 2005]
  5. Central Eurasian Information Resource--Image Database [Created March, 2002]
  6. Central Eurasian Information Resource--Text Database [Created December, 2000]
  7. Cloud Seeding Collection [Created July, 2009]
  8. Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection [Created March, 2006]
  9. Early Washington Maps [Created September, 2000]
  10. Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection [Last Update November, 2003]
  11. Everett Massacre Collection [Created February, 2000]
  12. Freshwater and Marine Image Bank [Created September, 2002]
  13. Gente Sin Fronteras = People Without Borders [Created September, 2006]
  14. Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899 [Created December, 2023]
  15. Hunt (Yvonne) Greek Folk Dance Collection [Created May, 2020]
  16. Milton Katims Audio Collection [Created March, 2002] [Last update April, 2006]
  17. Henry Jackson Archive Audio Files [Created October, 2008]
  18. King County Snapshots (Crossing Organizational Boundaries IMLS grant) [18 links to data dictionaries created in 2003]
  19. Moving Image Collections (data dictionary for the University of Washington Libraries' Moving Image Collection in CONTENTdm) [Last update November 4, 2016]
  20. Mt. St. Helens Post-Eruption Database [Last update May, 2004]
  21. Mt. St. Helens Succession Collection [Created January, 1999]
  22. Music Library Digital Scores Collection [Created July, 2008; last update December, 2016]
  23. Pacific Northwest Collection Audio Preservation Project for Storing Field Recordings of Native American Languages in ResearchWorks/DSpace [Last update July, 2010]
  24. Pacific Northwest Sheet Music : from the Ashford Collection [Last update November, 2005]
  25. Pamphlet and Textual Data Dictionary [Last Update: October, 2010]
  26. Plants of Western Washington Collection [Created December, 1999]
  27. Sephardic Studies Digital Collection at the University of Washington [Created December, 2020]
  28. Special Collections Oral Histories [Created January, 2012]
  29. Special Collections Photograph Collections [Last update June, 2022]
  30. Tahirler Project [Last update July, 2000]
  31. Tacoma Then and Again [Last update August 1, 2008]
  32. Tacoma Japanese Language School Project [Posted September, 2022]
  33. Thai Journal Index [Last update October, 2002]
  34. Tony Landreau Collection on Turkish Carpet Weaving and Village Life [Last update November, 2008]
  35. the Urban Archives [Created May, 2005]
  36. UW-Bothell Community Voices project [Created August, 2013]
  37. UW Bothell Wetlands [Created October, 2012]
  38. UW Image Bank [Last update July, 2007]
  39. Walter B. Denny Islamic Art Slides Archive [Last update March, 2005]
  40. William C. Brumfield Russian Architecture Collection (Pilot Project) [Created 2004]
  41. WTO History Project [Last update October, 2001]

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